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March 9, 2014

5 Types of Frisco Sourdough Bread

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5 Types of Frisco Sourdough Bread

The Frisco Baking Company has been providing wholesale bread to Southern California for over half a century, and a large part of our success has been our dedication to making the most delicious and natural sourdough bread L.A. has to offer!  At Frisco, we value the superior results that come from traditional baking practices and natural ingredients.  Great quality yields great bread, and after tasting our San Francisco style sourdough you would be hard-pressed to find greater.  We’ve been making our sourdough bread the same way for over sixty years, using the same starter and recipe to preserve the kind of flavor and consistency that will never go out of style.

Sourdough Loaves

Everyone loves the bold, distinctive flavor of sourdough bread, and our sourdough loaves have proven to be a consistently popular option over the years.  Great for a variety of uses, the classic sourdough loaf is sure to make a tasty addition to your menu options with its satisfyingly tangy appeal.  Par-baked to ensure that highly prized freshness, our sourdough loaves are certain to leave your patrons happy.

Sourdough Stubby Bread

Stubby bread offers a unique alternative to loaves or baguettes with a broad body and thin crust that lends itself well to sandwiches or to use for garlic bread.  Our versatile subby bread is available in three different sizes, ranging from one to two pounds, to help guarantee that your specific needs are met.

Fisherman’s Wharf Sourdough Turf Rolls

If you’ve ever visited San Francisco, then you probably stopped at Fisherman’s Wharf.  This popular tourist destination is home to some delicious edibles, and we brought a part of that heritage with us when we moved to L.A. in 1954.  These delicious boules are also available in a range of sizes including the larger, full baked Fisherman’s Wharf Sour Round.

Sourdough Baguettes

Beyond the traditional loaf, the sourdough baguette is probably the most famous and widely beloved sourdough bread of choice.  With a crisp exterior and thin bodied–but  satisfyingly chewy–interior, our sourdough baguettes are the perfect fit for fantastic submarine sandwiches or similar fare.

Medium Square Sour

Our medium square sour offers originality both in taste and shape, representing yet another versatile alternative to traditional loaves or larger rolls.  This hearty bread is prime for those looking to make a loaded down sandwich with large amounts of ingredients, and the singular flavor provides a dynamic option for delectable experimentation.  And with an appealing appearance, the square sour is a good fit for a sourdough bread that looks almost as good as it tastes.

Frisco Sourdough Bread: Wholesale Delivery

Choosing Frisco means that not only will you have the best tasting sourdough bread in L.A., but you can have it delivered fresh to your SoCal location.  We provide wholesale bread delivery to a large region of Southern California, so don’t hesitate to call today and find out even more about our amazing lines of sourdough breads: 323-225-6111323-225-6111

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