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June 26, 2013

Bakery Supplies Los Angeles Area With Best Bread

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Los Angeles is home to hundreds of beloved and unique restaurants and eating spots including such well-liked mainstays as the original Pantry in downtown LA, or any of The Hat’s popular locations.  Chances are that you and your friends have frequented some of these places yourselves.  If you have, you’ve probably already enjoyed bread from the best bakery supplier in Los Angeles without even knowing it.

For over fifty years, Frisco Baking Company has been providing the finest quality baked bread to high-profile restaurants and bakeries all over the Los Angeles area.  From boules and baguettes to delicious sandwich and dinner rolls, Frisco Baking Company is the expert when it comes to supplying Los Angeles restaurants with their wholesale baking needs.  Frisco maintains an extensive selection of breads, and offers delivery service to locations as far apart as Studio City and Malibu.  So if you’re looking for wholesale bakery supplies Los Angeles style, Frisco has the ability and experience to warrant your choice.

The Standard in Quality

In a time when many wholesale bread suppliers are relying more on preservatives or artificial flavoring to generate higher quantity and profits, Frisco stands by the time-tested traditional methods of baking that value quality natural ingredients and the necessary time to achieve the best flavor and consistency.  Their famous sourdough bread is made using the same starter that was used at their original San Francisco location more than half a century ago, and this adherence to traditional practices is upheld in all their baking methods.  Frisco’s standard of approach guarantees that the bread they deliver is always natural, always freshly baked, and always carefully prepared to maximize taste.  But don’t take anyone else’s word on it, stop by their home-use shop in Cypress Park to sample the offerings and see for yourself.

The Finest Bakery Supplies Los Angeles Offers

For all these reasons and more, Frisco Baking Company should be your first choice for Los Angeles Area Bakery needs.  Frisco is able to meet high-quantity demands for your wholesale needs, so whether you’re starting a new restaurant, cafe, or bakery, or are simply looking to upgrade your current selection of baked goods by switching to a better supplier, Frisco has been, and will continue to be, LA’s top trusted source.

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