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April 23, 2013

Bread Bakery Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is home to some of the finest restaurants and food specialty shops in the world, providing many unique dining experiences for visitors and those who live in the area.  From Mexican-style Tortas to classic Turkey Sandwiches, L.A.’s emphasis on diversity and distinction make it one of the top locations for anyone who enjoys seeking out the newest or best flavor.  And if you are looking for the best Bread Bakery Los Angeles has to offer, then Frisco Baking Company should be your first choice.  Able to meet both individual and wholesale demands, Frisco Baking Company provides the finest in quality and selection of Baked Bread and has the experience and history to back it up.

Frisco has been a family-owned business for the past three generations, and the recipes and adherence to traditional baking practices that made the original San Francisco location a success are still intact today.  The Frisco tradition began more than half a century ago, and they are still committed to bringing their customers only the finest bread, baked fresh every day and using only natural ingredients.  Frisco doesn’t use preservatives or artificial additives, honoring age-old baking techniques while ensuring the greatest flavor and consistency in their products.  Instead of the pre-cultivated yeast that many modern bakeries favor, Frisco uses its own starters and cultures, including the same sourdough starter that was used in the original 1941 recipe. This dedication results in their famous flagship sourdough bread, and illustrates the maximized quality and flavor represented by all their bread lines.

bread bakery los angeles

In addition to the best Sourdough Bread outside of San Francisco, Frisco Baking Company also offers a large variety of other popular Baked Breads, including favorites like their Ciabatta bread, French Turf Rolls, Dark Sweet Wheat Bread, and a nice selection of rolls and buns.  Frisco also wholesale delivers their freshly baked bread to a large region, making them the best option for your baking needs all across L.A.  No matter what style or size of bread you’re looking for, for your restaurant or cafe or just for yourself, Frisco can provide.  That’s why when it comes to your Baked Bread needs, you should come to the Best Bread Bakery Los Angeles can boast.