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January 17, 2014

Bread Delivery Service Los Angeles

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In a bustling city as large and packed as Los Angeles, it’s hard to find a reliable bread delivery service that brings you fresh, quality ingredients on time, every time. Nothing disappoints more than day-old bread upon delivery, and your customers will take note if the food you’re serbread delivery los angelesving is even slightly stale. They want to indulge in delicious, soft bread with every bite. They want to rip into the outer crust to find a savory and fluffy white interior. Bread lovers in LA unite in their love of fresh bread, freshly baked with the freshest ingredients. Fresh is the word.

That’s where Frisco Baking Company comes in. Our bread delivery service in Los Angeles brings freshly baked bread every day, right to your front door. We bake with only natural ingredients and we never use synthetic flavors, we take our time with the baking process to allow the bread to develop a full and robust flavor. Our sourdough bread rises slowly for a full eight to ten hours before it’s baked to ensure the delicious flavor is sealed into the dough. All of our bread selections are given the correct preparation time and baked with care. The best part is that you receive it straight from the oven; our bread delivery service in Los Angeles brings your bread every day. Never day-old, never stale, and you’ll never be disappointed.


Frisco Baking Company offers a wide range of products, from rounds to baguettes, french to italian, and even sandwich rolls and buns for your every need. Whether you’re serving burgers or steaks, on a tray or a silver platter, our buns or dinner rolls are a great complement to your menu. Naturally baked and always fresh, our breads will add a taste of perfection to your food selections. Frisco Baking Company’s products can help you give your customers the best dining experience imaginable.

If you’re a restaurant or hotel owner in the Los Angeles area and you’re looking for a quality bread delivery service, Frisco Baking Company has everything you need. We want to help you create the dining experience that keeps your customers happy, so we’ll deliver the best products right to your business’s front door. In the big and bustling city of Los Angeles, it’s good to know that you can rely on your business running smoothly and your bread always being stocked.