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January 17, 2014

Bread Delivery Service Southern California

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Whether you’re running a hotel or a restaurant in Southern California, your guests want to feel wined and dined, and every detail counts to make their experience more valuable. Any restaurateur can tell you that everything from the table linens to the cocktail selection matters. Every ingredient down to the salt and pepper can make a difference, and everything comes together to make a delicious meal. Consider the bread the first impression, since it’s often eaten before the main course. When guests first tear open that dinner roll with hungry hands, they want to indulge in savory, soft bread that satiates their palettes. The worst first impression a restaurant can make is a stale one, so make sure your bread delivery service is bringing you the best.

Here at Frisco Baking Company, we emphasize the importance of delivering your bread straight from the oven, and that’s why we bring the bread on the day it’s baked. If you’re just opening your first restaurant or if you’re a seasoned bakery owner, we want to help you make a name for yourself and give your guests the memorable night out they’re looking for. Bread is the mainstay of the whole dining experience; the right bun can make a hamburger seem more juicy, the right dinner roll can make the butter seem more creamy and the wine more tasty. Frisco Baking Company prides itself on offering the best bread delivery service in Southern California. We offer all the fresh bread you need at the snap of your fingers. No excuses, just quality food and excellent service.

Frisco Baking Company is committed to doing whatever it takes to bake the best possible bread, which means we don’t use synthetic flavoring, and we don’t take shortcuts. Our sourdough bread rises slowly for eight to ten hours before we bake it, and all of our breads undergo the appropriate preparation times to ensure the best outcome. We offer a wide range of baked rounds and baguettes, french and italian breads, and even sandwich rolls and buns for your every need. Our dark sweet wheat bread is finding its way into the hearts and mouths of our loyal customers. Feel free to check out our selection  to see all of the amazing breads we have to offer.

So if you’re looking to vamp up your bread delivery service in Southern California, look no more. Frisco Baking Company wants to help you deliver the best products to your guests, so we’ll deliver the best products to you, right to your business’s front door. Our delivery service extends from Malibu to Pasadena, and we deliver every day. We’ll bring your bread on time, every time, and always fresh.


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