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January 13, 2014

Fisherman’s Wharf Bread Rolls

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Nothing says coastal California like the crisp air, the sounds and scents of the ocean, and the coastal cities booming with energy and enthusiasm for living. Take a hike along one of the many coastal hiking trails or cruise the urban boardwalks to see where the land can take you. You may end up in a little seaside cafe ready to dive into a large bowl of seafood chowder. The patrons are local, the seafood is fresh from the ocean, the chowder straight from the stovetop, and the bread just out of the oven. Every detail is perfect.

Coastal California offers up the unforgettable experience of being a part of the local scene and soaking up the unique west coast culture. Fisherman’s Wharf is teeming with the fresh catch of the day, and the cafes and restaurants are brimming with locally caught selections. That’s why the Fisherman’s Wharf dinner rolls have evolved into a fantastic and delicious complement to any chowder, because the bread has to be just as delicious as the main course.

If you looking for  the local scenery and the fresh seafood of the wharf but you’re too far away to travel, you may be out of luck. But the good news is that you can get fresh Fisherman’s Wharf dinner rolls to accompany your meals right here in Southern California. Frisco Baking Company now offers freshly baked, all natural Fisherman’s Wharf dinner rolls. We never use artificial ingredients and we always deliver our products on the day they’re baked to ensure quality. Our rolls are so good they’ll steal the show of the whole dinner.

Wholesale Fisherman’s Wharf Bread Rolls

Fisherman's Wharf Bread Rolls

If you’re a restaurant owner or in the food service industry, our dinner rolls are a great first course to serve with your menu selections. Dipped in chowder or drizzled with melted butter, our Fisherman’s Wharf dinner rolls will leave your customers full and happy. Even better, Frisco Baking Company offers more than just Fisherman’s Wharf dinner rolls. Check out our range of italian and french breads, or our rounds and baguettes. Our decadent dark sweet wheat loaves will leave you hungering for more. Stop by our store or visit our homepage to learn more about Frisco Baking Company and our variety of breads.

Next time you’re conjuring up the image of the seaside, with its crisp ocean air and the scents of saltwater lingering around, don’t just sit there dreaming. Recreate the seaside and the energy of the wharf right in your own home. Head out to the local fish shop for the fresh catch of the day, and stop by Frisco Baking Company for our Fisherman’s Wharf dinner rolls. If you can’t make it to the wharf, bring the wharf to you.