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March 9, 2014

Frisco Baking Company: Los Angeles Wholesale Baking Supply Store

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Frisco Baking Company: Los Angeles Wholesale Baking Supply Store

Los Angeles boasts a diverse range of restaurants, cafes, and other dining establishments, creating unique and exciting cuisine experiences for both longtime residents and welcome visitors to the Golden State.  For more than fifty years, Frisco Baking Company has been dedicated to meeting the needs of Southern California eateries by providing wholesome, high quality baked bread, focusing on using natural ingredients and old fashioned baking practices to guarantee fresh and delicious breads that are as distinctive and bold-flavored as the state that we call home.  From our famous par-baked sourdough bread lines, to our tasty Italian and French rolls, we are your Los Angeles wholesale baking supply store, and we’re excited to begin this year strong by forging new partnerships and helping you achieve your success.  If you’re looking for wholesale bread in the L.A. area, then look no further–the search is over!

Frisco Sourdough: The Best Since 1941

We started making our sourdough at our original location in San Francisco, using a natural starter culture and time-tested techniques that ensured a rich, full flavor and consistency.  Seventy years later and we’re still making our sourdough the same way, using the same culture and practices that helped establish our superior taste all those years ago.  Our recipe might never change, but it has certainly changed the minds of many sourdough enthusiasts who claim that the best sourdough bread is still only found in San Francisco.  We moved to Los Angeles in 1954, and since then our delicious sourdough has become our flagship bread, available in a variety of popular lines including our par-baked loaves and rounds and our crisp, sourdough baguettes.  Our bread has become a staple part of the L.A. experience as many well-known establishments chose us as their Los Angeles wholesale baking supply store, including favorites such as The Pantry and Philippe’s.  It’s the taste and quality that SoCal residents and businesses have come to trust, and we’re happy to share the opportunity for you to enjoy the best sourdough bread you’ve ever tried.

We also offer a full selection of other popular Italian and French breads, including a variety of assorted rolls, rounds, boules, loaves, buns, and more!  We preserve our traditional and all-natural approach with all our different lines, ensuring rich, satisfying results in all our products.  Some additional options can be viewed here, or contact us today to find out more information about our full range of offerings.  Whether it’s our flagship sourdough or any other bread, we have the selection to meet your needs as your new Los Angeles wholesale baking supply store.

Call for Information Regarding Delivery to Your Area

One of the many reasons to choose Frisco is for the convenience of service: we offer delivery service across most L.A. region locations, from Santa Monica to Saugus and further.  If you would like to find out more about our services, call 323-225-6111323-225-6111 to speak with a friendly representative.