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October 2, 2013

Los Angeles Bakery Delivery

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Frisco Baking Company: Your Los Angeles Bakery Delivery Choice

Los Angeles is a fun and rewarding place to operate a restaurant, but it’s not always easy to find the authentic, traditionally baked goods that your customers crave.  And for small business owners, it can be a huge hassle to shop around for the best choice or to have to pick up bakery supplies on a regular basis.  You have enough to worry about without the added stress of keeping your bakery supplies stocked daily.  That’s why Frisco Baking Company is such an incredible asset for any restaurant or eating establishment in the L.A. area.  Known for our adherence to an old-world approach to baking that utilizes fresh, natural ingredients and traditional baking techniques, our bread has the flavor and consistency that will have your customers coming back time after time.  And the best news for L.A. shop owners is that we deliver our freshly baked bread on a daily basis.  Whether it’s boules, rolls or buns, our delicious bakery options are available with the convenience of being brought directly to your front door.

Better Bread, Delivered Fresh

At Frisco Baking Company, our dedication to achieving the best flavor and value has made us the Los Angeles Bakery Delivery service of choice since 1954.  Our recipes and baking practices have been the same since we first started over 60 years ago, and our reliance on a superior, time-honored approach creates the distinctive taste that has kept us successful over the years.  Our bread is made without preservatives or artificial ingredients, so you know that our delightfully fresh bakery supplies are made naturally, the best way.

Wholesale Needs?  No Problem!

Frisco Baking Company is proud to be among the ranks of L.A.’s finest wholesale bakery suppliers, so you won’t have to worry about meeting those high-volume demands.  Our product lines include such mainstays as ciabatta bread, baguettes, dinner rolls, and hamburger buns,  and our flagship sourdough bread has a reputation for having the best taste this side of the Golden Gate Bridge.  All of this and more is available to meet your wholesale needs, and it’s all delivered fresh to your location.  Many popular eating spots across L.A. have already made the smart choice and enjoy their Frisco-fresh bread each morning.  Getting high-quality baked goods for your store has never been easier, so make Frisco Baking Company your wholesale Los Angeles Bakery Delivery choice today!

Don’t settle for less when you can have high quality and ease of use.  We have a large range of service that includes areas as far apart as Santa Monica and Universal City, so contact us today to find out if we deliver to your city! Get started now with your Los Angeles Bakery Delivery service: 323-225-6111

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