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March 9, 2014

Los Angeles Bread

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Los Angeles Bread

If you haven’t heard yet, L.A. is home to some of the best wholesale bread you’ve ever tasted.  And if you’re looking for that wholesome taste that comes from being prepared using traditional methods with all natural ingredients, then you’re in for a delicious treat.  Frisco Baking Company has been providing the L.A. area with freshly made wholesale bread for decades now, and if you’re looking for a Los Angeles bread provider with premium choices, then your search is over.  If you’re tired of being let down by cheaply made commercial bread products that value quantity over quality, then maybe it’s time you experienced the difference in flavor and consistency that old fashioned baking practices can achieve.  We’ve been preparing our bread the same way for over 50 years, and it’s a tradition that pays off in every bite.

Sourdough Bread

We moved from San Francisco to L.A. in 1954, bringing that distinct ‘Frisco sourdough taste to the City of Angels.  As with all our products, we make our sourdough the traditional (right!) way.  This includes using our original sourdough culture and maximizing on prep time by keeping our dough in the holding box for 12 hours before cooking.  Our methods will be recognized by any true baker as the correct way to guarantee sourdough bread that looks great and tastes even better.  We’ve been perfecting our sourdough bread since day one, and we’ve picked up some great new applications for it along the way.  Our Sourdough line now includes a range of options that start with the classics, such as dinner rolls, loaves, and baguettes, and end with our own special Fisherman’s Wharf Sour Turf Rolls.  Our line contains a fantastic sourdough choice for every need, and restaurants and eateries all across Southern California have been enjoying the finest Los Angeles bread around.


We may be known for our sourdough bread, but our rolls are also available in several other delicious, popular lines.  Our French and Italian breads provide a wide range of choices for all occasions, including our crisp French Turf Rolls and other assorted French rolls.  Our Dark Sweet Wheat is also available to provide a unique and bold alternative.  And if you need rolls for hot dog buns, we’ve got those too!  This is Los Angeles bread like you’ve never tried before, and it’s all available to be delivered right to your store’s location.  For the best wholesale rolls you’ve ever had, with superior consistency and flavor, you can’t beat the old-world baking techniques of Frisco Baking Company.

Frisco offers delivery service to a majority of SoCal areas, so don’t hesitate to call with any questions regarding additional bread lines or to see if we can deliver to meet your wholesale needs.  And don’t forget to stop by our Cypress Park home-use store to give our Los Angeles bread a try first!

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