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August 14, 2013

Restaurant Wholesale Bread Los Angeles

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The diversity of population and wide range of food preferences in L.A. make it a fun place to open and operate a restaurant.  Finding a way to create that special flair or distinctive flavor is an exciting experience, and one that relies on finding just the right ingredients and supplies.  For many restaurants in the Los Angeles area, Frisco Baking Company has become the wholesale bread supplier they can rely on to provide the right taste they need to help ensure their success.

Frisco has been meeting L.A.’s wholesale bread needs for over fifty years, and their dedication to traditional, quality baking practices has guaranteed their continued presence in the constantly changing cityscape.  Just like L.A.’s finest eateries, Frisco relies on the right ingredients to achieve their distinctive flavor.  Using only natural ingredients, Frisco bakes its delicious bread without preservatives or additives, giving you the taste and consistency your patrons crave in the healthiest way possible.  At Frisco, time-honored baking practices are still the norm, and you can rest assured that no shortcuts or cheap substitutes were used to make their amazing products.

wholesale bread los angelesAnd with Frisco’s large selection of offerings, you’re sure to find just what you need for your restaurant or bakery.  With a varied assortment of dinner and sandwich rolls, burger buns, baguettes, and loafs, Frisco has what it takes to supply the restaurant wholesale bread Los Angeles needs.  If your restaurant requires the best Italian or French breads in the city of angels, or is looking for the greatest sourdough bread this side of the Oakland Bay Bridge, Frisco Baking Company is the answer to your search.  Stop by the home-use location in Cypress Park for just a sample of Frisco’s offerings to see why they should be your first choice for supplying your restaurant’s wholesale bread.

Frisco Baking Company delivers fresh bread on a daily basis with a wide range of service, and would be happy to provide you with the finest restaurant wholesale bread Los Angeles has to offer.  Find out why so many L.A. restaurants have chosen Frisco to meet their wholesale needs by calling today to find out more about their selection or service: 323-225-6111

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