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June 10, 2013

The Best Bread in Los Angeles: The Search is Over

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Where to find the best bread in Los Angeles

When it comes to finding exquisite food and unique dining experiences, Los Angeles has always been one of the most diverse and exciting locations in the world.  With its distinct blend of cultures and vast range of food style offerings, it should come as no surprise that Los Angeles is also home to the best baked bread in Southern California.  For those who are looking for bread with as much flavor as the city itself, Frisco Baking Company has the history and the flair to match.  And with a store location for home-use, Frisco isn’t just limited to those looking for the best in wholesale bread.  With a passion for traditional baking techniques that create amazing taste and consistency using only natural processes and ingredients, Frisco Baking Company is the answer to your search for the best bread in Los Angeles.

What makes Frisco Baking Company the best bread in Los Angeles?

the best bread in los angelesSo, why is Frisco Baking Company the best?  One of the many ways that Frisco distinguishes itself from other bread companies is by using natural ingredients and procedures to make their breads.  If you’ve ever looked at the ingredients on the back of a loaf of bread and been disgusted by the sheer amount of unpronounceable and foreign materials used, you will be able to appreciate the simplicity of Frisco Baking Company’s approach.  By baking their bread in the same way they have for the last 70 years, Frisco ensures that every loaf, roll, or twist is made using the tastiest and most nutritious options.  And because they don’t use preservatives or artificial cultures, Frisco’s bread is baked fresh every day, guaranteeing the finest quality.

Another way Frisco Baking Company is the best is through their extensive selection of offerings.  Frisco boasts an eclectic range of popular Italian and French breads; so whether you’re looking for the best Ciabatta Bread you can find, or the finest French Turf Rolls you’ve ever tasted, Frisco Baking Company is your solution.

The best sourdough bread in Los Angeles

And of course, what bakery selection would be complete without sourdough?  You have probably heard that the best sourdough bread is found in San Francisco.  But what you probably didn’t know is that the best sourdough bread in San Francisco moved to Los Angeles.  In 1954, the owners of the renowned Colombo Bakery left San Francisco for Los Angeles and dubbed their new location the Frisco Baking Company.  Since then, Frisco’s delicious tangy sourdough has become their signature bread, and is available in everything from dinner rolls and full rounds to baguettes and their special double baked loaf.

sourdough rolls frisco baking company

As any baker knows, making great sourdough bread requires patience and high quality sourdough starter.  Frisco keeps its sourdough bread in a holding box for 12 hours before it is even baked, and the recipe for their sourdough starter has been a closely guarded secret maintained since 1941.  This is why you can always trust that when you buy from Frisco Baking Company, you are buying the best sourdough bread in Los Angeles.