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November 10, 2013

Where To Find Frisco Bread

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Frisco Baking Company has been a longtime L.A. favorite for fresh, delicious wholesale bread.  Our traditional and natural approach has earned us the solid reputation and customer satisfaction that has allowed us to remain successful over the half-decade that we’ve called Los Angeles our home, and we’re proud to say that our bread is offered at quality restaurants and eateries all across Southern California.  If you’re interested in where to find Frisco bread, either as a retailer or simply as somebody who enjoys well-made, natural baked bread, then here are a few things for you to know.

SoCal’s Wholesale Bread Supplier

If you’re opening a new restaurant or looking for a new wholesale bread supplier, then knowing where to find Frisco Bread is as easy as visiting our home page.  We offer a full line of wholesale products, including traditional French and Italian rolls, buns, baguettes, and our famous Sourdough bread available in a variety of popular forms.  And the best part is that we can deliver these wholesale options right to your restaurant’s front door.  We offer daily delivery service to a large range of SoCal locations, from Malibu to Pasadena, so call today if you have questions about whether Frisco can deliver to you.

Now Served at SoCal Restaurants

where to find frisco breadEven if you’re not looking for wholesale quantities of bread, perhaps you’ve heard about Frisco’s superior quality bread, resulting from an all-natural and traditional approach that favors taste over shelf-life and consistency over corner-cutting speed.  If you’re a SoCal resident who wants to know where to find Frisco bread, the good news is that you’ve probably already tried it and didn’t even realize it.  For years, popular L.A. eating spots have proudly served Frisco’s baked products, and that includes well-known establishments such as the original Pantry Cafe in downtown Los Angeles, The Hat’s various locations, and Philippe’s.  Stop by any of these locations (or many more) to find out why these restaurants have entrusted their wholesale bread needs to Frisco for past fifty years!

Open to the Public in Cypress Park

Frisco also offers its delicious, authentically prepared breads through its home-use store in Cypress Park.  You can stop by today to sample any one of our specialty lines, from our flagship sourdough baguettes and rounds to our recently popular dark sweet wheat loaves, you can stop by any weekday before 3 PM (8-12 on Sunday).  Whether you’re just looking for individual use or hoping to sample the Frisco taste before deciding on a wholesale supplier, we’d be happy to serve you today with the freshest, best-tasting baked bread you’ve ever had.  Contact us today to ask any further questions you might have about our store location or wholesale bread delivery service: 323.225.6111