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October 2, 2013

Wholesale Bakery Supplier

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Frisco Wholesale Bakery Supplier

Southern California has been relying on the Frisco Baking Company to supply their wholesale bakery needs since 1954.  With a dedication to high-quality products and customer satisfaction over the years, we quickly became a trusted Wholesale Bakery Supplier and a mainstay of the L.A. area.  Since then, many popular eating spots have chosen to partner with Frisco to meet all of their wholesale sourdough bread and bakery needs, including the well-known L.A. landmark The Pantry, who we’ve been proudly serving for twenty years.

For bakeries and restaurants alike, Frisco has the selection and the volume to satisfy your demands!  Our famous sourdough bread is baked in the traditional way, using our own original starter culture and utilizing lengthy preparation times to guarantee the absolute best flavor and texture.  We’ve been perfecting this bread for over 60 years, and it has remained our most popular line through to today.  Currently, our sourdough line is comprised of a large range of classic and unique offerings that include baguettes, full rounds, dinner rolls, our double baked loaf, stubby bread, and sour rolls.  In addition to our delicious sourdough options, we also offer an amazing selection of French and Italian breads, Dark Sweet Wheat, hamburger buns, and much more.  Check out some of our more popular breads here, or call to find out even more about our extensive menu.  Whatever your specific needs, Frisco has the variety and high standards that will make you proud to choose us as your wholesale bakery supplier.

If you’re operating an eatery in the Los Angeles area, then you know the importance of offering distinct, healthy choices to your clients.  That’s why Frisco has maintained its adherence to using only fresh, all-natural ingredients without any preservatives.  And the best part is that you can receive that valuable freshness on the same day it’s made.  We have a large delivery service area that includes most of L.A. and surrounding regions, meaning that you can have the advantage of offering your customers our freshly baked products with the added convenience of having it brought straight to your front door.  Incorporating healthy, just-made bakery products into your menu has never been easier, so contact us today to see if we deliver to you location.  Partnering with L.A.’s best wholesale bakery supplier is just one phone call away, so don’t put it off any longer: 323-225-6111

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