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September 19, 2013

Wholesale Bakery Supplies Los Angeles

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Southern California is one of the most distinctive areas in the United States, as unique in our geographical features and landmarks as we are in our famous blend of cultures and personalities.  Our rolling, golden hills, world-renowned beaches, and pristine desert communities present a varied topographical complement to our irrepressible thirst for new and exciting experiences.  This adventurous spirit is what helped spur our company’s move to Los Angeles in 1954, and we strive to keep that element alive and well through our approach to finding new and distinctive ways of maintaining a fresh and fun line of wholesale bakery supplies Los Angeles can be proud of.

Even a cursory glance around L.A. will reveal that the city is built on the premise that old and new can exist side by side; the old Missions and churches of the 19th and 20th centuries still stand along with more modern architecture.  This combination of tradition and modernity is a part of what makes this city so special, and it’s also what’s helped keep Frisco Baking Company so successful for the last 70 years.  At Frisco, our wholesale baking supplies are prepared fresh daily, using all-natural ingredients and no preservatives.  We stand by the tried and tested methods of old-world baking that prioritize quality over quantity and doesn’t scrimp on the time it takes to make a superior flavor and consistency, all while ensuring our bread lines remain innovative and relevant.  It’s this balance of old and new that’s allowed us to flourish year after year, and it’s what helps identify us as a genuine part of the Los Angeles landscape.

To help match L.A.’s love for choices, our ever-expanding selection of different breads, loaves, rolls and buns provides a large amount of variety that ensures we can help you meet the wholesale demands of your cafe, restaurant, or eatery.  Every day, we deliver to locations all over the Los Angeles area, and we can’t wait to find out how we can partner with you and help you reach your goals.  So for all your wholesale bakery supplies in Los Angeles, reaffirm the spirit of California and choose Frisco Baking Company.  Call today to find out more about our menu of wholesale baked goods or to find out if we deliver in your area!

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