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November 10, 2013

Wholesale Bread Southern California

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Wholesale Bread Southern California

At Frisco, we know that the demand for well-made, traditionally baked bread has never been higher.  In a time when consumers are burnt out on fast food and meals chock full of preservatives and artificial ingredients, an all-natural approach is welcome relief, especially when it’s also the best tasting option around.  That’s why when it comes to the wholesale bread Southern California needs, L.A.’s restaurants and cafes have been relying on Frisco Baking company for the past 60 years to provide the most delicious, natural product on the market.  We’ve been preparing our bread the same way for decades, favoring the old-world style baking practices that will never go out of fashion, and it’s a difference that you can taste in each and every bite.

Part of that old-world approach is a reliance on baking methods that won’t cut corners to try and generate product quick at the expense of quality.  Some of our breads spend as much as 12 hours in the holding box before they are even baked, and that provides time for the cultures to fully develop and create that distinctive  taste your customers will crave.  Whether it’s our flagship sourdough bread line, or our amazing dark sweet wheat, we will always spend a little extra time to make the wholesale bread Southern California deserves.  But all that extra time and effort we put into preparing our bread doesn’t mean that you should have to put in any extra time to get it.

Delivering Wholesale Bread to Southern California

wholeslae bread southern californiaIf you own an eatery in SoCal, we understand just how busy you are, so why not take advantage of our wholesale bread delivery service and get that freshly baked Frisco quality brought right to your location.  Obtaining top-quality, wholesale bread is as convenient and easy as making a phone call, so call today to find out our full product line available through our delivery service.  We have the selection to keep your customers satisfied, from the finest sourdough loaves and rolls, to the most palatable buns and sandwich breads you’ve ever tasted.  We also have many classic Italian and French breads, so whatever your bread needs are, Frisco is sure to have the wholesale option you need.  We have an incredible range of service that extends from Santa Monica to Pasadena, and just about everywhere in between, so don’t hesitate to contact us today to begin service.

So if you’re looking for your wholesale bread Southern California connection, make the choice that so many other SoCal restaurants already have and choose the freshest, best tasting wholesale bread this half of the state has to offer.  Call now to find out more about any of our offerings our to see if our delivery service is available in your area: 323-225-6111