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September 21, 2013

Wholesale Bread Supplier Los Angeles

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Are you looking for a way to meet your wholesale bread demands that doesn’t substitute quantity for superior flavor and a high standard of quality?  At Frisco Baking Company, you can get the authentic flavor of traditionally baked bread from the wholesale bread supplier Los Angeles has trusted for over 60 years.  Our bread is prepared with real ingredients and no preservatives, guaranteeing that you get the freshest, most natural product possible.  And with Frisco, you don’t have to choose between a better product and convenience.  We provide delivery service across the L.A. area and from as far as Malibu to Santa Monica, so you can enjoy our wholesale bread freshly baked each morning and brought right to your location.  Chances are that if you’ve eaten at some of the popular L.A. eateries, you’ve already enjoyed Frisco’s delicious, fresh bread and didn’t even know it, so experience the finer taste and service that other SoCal restaurants have been enjoying for years after choosing Frisco to be the best wholesale bread supplier Los Angeles has to offer.

Best Wholesale Sourdough

best wholesale bread supplierFrom the start, Frisco has been making high-quality San Francisco style sourdough bread.  We’ve used the same approach to making our sourdough bread for the last 70 years, and one taste is all it takes to see how it’s maintained decades of popularity.  Unlike many bakeries, Frisco does not use artificial or commercial yeast, in fact, we’ve been using the same starter culture for our sourdough since day one, and you can really taste the difference.  Today, our famous sourdough bread is available in more varieties than it’s ever been, including sourdough turf rolls, stubby bread, rounds, baguettes, loaves, buns, and more!  Come try a taste at our home-use outlet in Cypress Park and find out why yelp reviewers are calling it the best sourdough bread in the Los Angeles area.  The flavor of our sourdough bread has been 70 years in the making, and that’s a difference in quality that you can experience in every bite.  Find out today how Frisco can supply your wholesale sourdough bread needs and have it delivered fresh right to you door.

So whether it’s our flagship sourdough, our amazing Italian or French breads, or any one of our extensive product lines, find out what it means today to order from the best wholesale bread supplier Los Angeles can boast.  Contact us to find out more about any of our products or to see if we offer delivery service in your area: 323-225-6111