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January 16, 2014

Wholesale Dough Supplier Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is teeming with top notch restaurants and exquisite eateries, each brimming with hungry patrons waiting for the perfect meal. The lines are often out the door for the chance to eat at one of LA’s popular joints. The sights, sounds, and scents from within are enticing enough for anyone to drop by, and everything from the drinks to the dinner are carefully prepared. The hustle and bustle of the energetic city of Los Angeles is never more obvious than at dinnertime.

Each day restaurant and bakery owners prepare for the rush. They start early in the morning to ensure the evening’s offerings are impeccable. They set aside their ingredients, fire up their ovens, check stock, and measure the oils and butters for the perfect finish. And each day Frisco Baking Company is helping them achieve this finish by delivering fresh dough right to their doorstep. Fresh dough at wholesale prices is what we deliver, and we strive for the highest quality every time. Frisco Baking Company strives to be the best wholesale dough supplier in Los Angeles, and we stand on a solid reputation as such.

So when the guests start lining up for the nightly dinner flux, everyone in the restaurant, from the kitchen staff to the host, is prepared to serve the best imaginable food with everything ready to go. That first bite into the first course will tell all. Nothing beats a freshly baked roll, buttered perfectly or dipped in olive oil, soft and savory to the bite. Frisco Baking Company can supply you with the dough you need to offer this first course experience that will make or break a diner’s experience.

Frisco Baking Company is famous for its specialty recipes and variety of breads, especially the naturally baked sourdough. The dark sweet wheat has been gaining popularity because of its robust flavor and rich texture, and our italian and french varieties are staples you can enjoy at any time of the day. If you serve burgers and sandwiches at your establishment, what better than Frisco Baking Company’s buns and sandwich loaves to complete your menu. Check out all the bread varieties we have to offer on our bread products page.

So what can you do to make your establishment run smoothly and offer guests the dining experience they deserve? Switch to a reliable and quality dough supplier that delivers natural dough on a daily basis. We mix with only natural ingredients and our recipes have been around Los Angeles for over a half century. Our dough is made with care and it seals in the freshness and flavor that just-baked bread should have. Give us a call at 323.225.6111 for more information on our products or delivery service.

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