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February 18, 2014

Wholesale Half Baked Sourdough Bread

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Wholesale Half Baked Sourdough Bread

Finding high quality half-baked sourdough in the Los Angeles area is as simple as contacting the sourdough experts at Frisco.  Frisco Baking Company has been a wholesale bread provider for SoCal eateries for over half a century now, and our flagship sourdough bread has become a permanent ingredient in the success of restaurants, diners and cafes all across Los Angeles.  One of the reasons L.A. establishments continue to choose Frisco for their bread is because of our wholesale half baked sourdough bread.  Not only will you enjoy access to the best tasting sourdough bread this side of the Golden State Bridge, you will also receive it ready-to-finish, guaranteeing that freshly made flavor and consistency for your patrons.

Delivered to Your Location!

Half-baked bread, also called par-baked, creates the opportunity for safely preserved shelf life that still yields a fresh and amazing result, which means you can have that just-delivered flavor without the hassle of daily delivery.  But just because you want less hassle doesn’t mean you have to give up the convenience of delivery, either.  Frisco offers wholesale bread delivery to a large range of SoCal locations, from Malibu to Santa Monica and just about anywhere in between.  Our half-baked bread will ensure you’re well-stocked and prepared to meet your customers’ needs with the superior flavor and quality that have become our trademarks over the years.  Many well-known locations in SoCal have come to trust the Frisco brand for their wholesale breads, including Pasadena’s The Hat and L.A.’s The Pantry.  So if you’re interested in receiving our wholesale half baked sourdough bread delivered right to your store’s door, then give us a call today to check availability!

Large Selection

We offer a large selection of breads at wholesale volumes, including a full selection of Italian and French breads: dinner rolls, loaves, sandwich rolls, hamburger buns, and other choices make it easy to find the right option for any occasion.  Our specialty wholesale half baked sourdough bread is also available in a variety of options, including our double baked loaves, wharf rolls, tangy stubby bread, baguettes, and other assorted rolls and breads.  We‘ve also introduced our popular dark sweet wheat bread, providing you with more choices than ever.   With our selection, it’s a breeze to meet your specific wholesale needs, so don’t hesitate to give us a call to find out even more about our delicious lines.

Contact Us Today for the Frisco Difference

All our breads are made using all natural ingredients, and are prepared the old fashioned way, ensuring maximum taste and that home-baked quality that’s so difficult to find these days.  For a wholesale quantity that comes at small-bakery quality, Frisco is your choice.  So for wholesale half baked sourdough bread, fantastic Italian and French breads, or whatever wholesale bread you need, call Frisco today to start experiencing the best bread Los Angeles has to offer: 323-225-6111323-225-6111

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