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October 18, 2013

Wholesale Sourdough Bread

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Frisco Baking Company: The Finest Wholesale Sourdough Bread

For more than half a century now, Frisco has been providing the Los Angeles area with high quality, all-natural baked goods.  We’ve been happy to supply SoCal eateries with the finest Italian and French rolls, loaves, and buns during that time, but it’s our famous sourdough bread that truly sets Frisco above and beyond our competitors.  It’s one of L.A’s best-kept secrets that the tastiest San Francisco-style sourdough bread left San Francisco to come here in 1954, and we’ve been expanding our line of sourdough offerings ever since.  Whether it’s traditional Sourdough baguettes and rounds, or our unique Fisherman’s Wharf Sour Turf rolls, we have the wholesale sourdough bread to match your needs.

The Frisco Difference

wholesale sourdough breadSince we use only real ingredients, without preservatives or artificial additives, all our breads are %100 natural, but our Sourdough also has an extra Frisco touch: it’s still made from our original sourdough starter culture, in use since 1941.  If you like sourdough bread, then you know that the best sourdough is made from authentic cultures that have had years to mature, and that’s what helps give our sourdough its great flavor and consistency.  We also adhere to the old-fashioned methods of baking, allowing our sourdough bread to spend 12 hours in the holding box before its cooked.  We will never cut corners with our sourdough bread by using commercial culture or a speedy preparation process, and that gives our sourdough its distinct advantage over other bakeries.  For the best, most authentic wholesale sourdough bread in Los Angeles, always remember that Frisco has been making it that way for over 70 years, and it’s a difference in quality that you can taste.

The Frisco Convenience

Not only do we offer the best wholesale sourdough bread around, but we can also bring it right to your L.A. location!   We have a wide range of service that includes areas as far apart as Malibu and Pasadena, so if you live in or near L.A., we can probably provide wholesale delivery service to you.  The only thing better than getting the freshest wholesale sourdough bread in L.A. for your patrons is getting it without even leaving your store, so call in today to see if we can offer delivery service to your city: 323.225.6111

We may be known for our sourdough, but don’t let that fool you, we also make our high quality French and Italian breads the old fashioned way, and we’re sure you’ll go crazy for our Dark Sweet Wheat, too.  If you need wholesale loaves, rolls, hamburger buns, baguettes or more, let Frisco Baking Company show you why we’ve been L.A.’s choice for wholesale bread for over fifty years now.  Contact us today!